Transformational Attention

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1-2 November 2023 full days / 9:00 – 17:00;
3 November 2023 half day / 9:00 – 12:00 ;
13 December (virtual) 9:00 – 12:00

Cette formation est aussi donnée en français

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Transformational Attention. Where we go with our attention is where we truly are.

What we focus on, grows. If that is true, should we not take great care of where we place our attention? Our attention is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves and each other. The quality of our attention can be our greatest human capital, but as with any competency, it requires intentional effort and skill to develop and grow it. This three-part experiential training takes us first on a deep dive into what attention actually is and how it works mechanically, typologically, and experientially. We then move, with a deeper knowledge and understandings of attention, into identifying enablers and barriers to quality attention for ourselves and others. We explore how this can fundamentally change our lived experiences. Finally in the applications of attention, we move into the empowering act of asking for and choosing to give attention with a view to personal and interpersonal transformation.

What you gain: After the course you will have a heightened experience of everyday living, greater focus and clarity, increased experience of flow. With greater quality of attention, thinking, decisionmaking and communication are improved. A deeper sense of presence to oneself and others emerges which has the ability to create the life we want to live. You will have practical tools and a personal plan for growing transformative attention.

Who should attend? Every human being

What format is used? This course if an individual training, with two and a half in person days and a half day, virtual follow up approximately one month later. The in person days comprise a mix of theory, self-assessment, and intensive practical exercises, ending with the development of a personal roadmap to developing and maintenance of transformational attention.

What is the length? Three days in total, of which two and a half are in person days, and one half day session conducted virtually one month after the training. Ample breaks are built into the course. Coffee and snacks are provided. COVID-19 regulations will be applied as necessary for these inperson sessions.

What languages are used? In 2023, bilingual English-French sessions are offered. Distinct English and French sessions will be offered starting early 2024.