Safeguarding for NGOs, Do No Harm

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Date: coming soon 2023

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Safeguarding for NGOs, Do No Harm: Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and Harassment (PSEAH) Sensitization Workshop

Organizations working in the non-profit sector serve noble causes. While this work aims to help those served by the mission and programmes of NGOs, the risk of sexual misconduct and other forms of harm is a reality. No sector is immune. Historically, many groups including women, children, athletes, LGBTQI+, people in a situation of handicap, undocumented migrants, crisis-affected populations, poor populations – have been negatively affected by asymmetric power relations. While addressing these issues requires a whole-of-society approach, non-profits have a very specific responsibility – often reinforced by donor requirements – to prevent, respond adequately to, and reduce any risk of safeguarding concerns. This workshop provides the basis for organizations to ensure that all staff have a clear understanding of safeguarding, can identify concerns and risks, and have a heightened sense of responsibility.

What you gain: After the workshop, you will be have a solid basis of the definitions, norms and standards, risks, prevention and response necessary for any form of safeguarding concerns in your organization.

Who should attend? Any volunteer or staff working in the non-profit sector, notably with vulnerable groups.

What format is used? These workshops are offered as online workshops by default, but can also be delivered in an in person format on demand. The format is interactive, including case scenarios worked through in break out groups and exercises that build on collective intelligence and knowledge. All workshops end with developing a personal action plan for prevention.

What is the length? Each session lasts for 2.5 hours when online.

What languages are used? Separate sessions for English speakers and French speakers are available. Additional languages can be requested for groups.