Hi5 Safe Spaces

Vision, Mission, and Values

Our mission is to contribute to human impact by supporting and enhancing ‘safe space’ environments for people to truly thrive, whether at work or other organized group environments.

HumanImpact5 – HI5 (Hi5 Safe Spaces) is a Swiss-based Limited Liability Company (LLC). We offer bespoke training, consultancy services, and direct services to organizations, managers, teams, and individuals.

We do this through externalized organizational ombuds (person of trust) services; inclusive leadership/diversity, equity and inclusion facilitation and training; trust and psychological safety programmes; workplace ethics support; gender equity in programmes; safeguarding risk assessments and facilitation of internal enquiries; and more.

The way we work is generally through consultancy, either through long-term commitment and service provision or through time-limited, project-based activities. We also offer regular open registration to a selection of workshops.

Hi5 Safe Spaces core values

The Hi5 Safe Spaces team comprises a network of expert consultants and trainers who share and embody trust, courage, safety, and rigour. We care for the people for whom and with whom we work. We believe in the power of generous attention, deep listening, and critical thinking. We practise integrity, benevolence, and respectful candor. We build and maintain psychological safety and trust in the ways that we work, listen, and communicate, including during moments of crisis or in the face of any difficult issues.