Bystander intervention

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Bystander intervention: Speaking up, stepping in. Building active bystanders in the workplace

If you have ever witnessed harassment, bullying, discrimination, or other unethical behaviours and felt unease, this workshop is for you. It will help you connect to the values that may compel or prevent you from doing what you know is right. It will provide you with the tools to be a reliable colleague, whether a direct or indirect ‘bystander’. Bystander intervention is key to DEI and to creating respectful workplaces.

What you gain: Personal insight into your value system that can help you to be prepared to step in when discrimination occurs around you. You will gain the confidence that it takes to be an active bystander, and a basic tool package if you intend to introduce bystander practice in the workplace.

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This workshop series is about just that – good workplace D&I in action, from hiring and management practices to peer and team practices. It provides a fresh look at D&I, no longer through the sole lens of compliance or even corporate social responsibility, but the lens of living values and pragmatism.

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