Hi5 Safe Spaces Ethics Framework

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy


HumanImpact5–Hi5 is a Swiss-based Limited Liability Company (LLC). HumanImpact5–Hi5 (hereafter referred to as Hi5 Safe Spaces) offers bespoke services, tailored to the unique needs of our clients and partners. Whether public, private, or non-profit sector work, we commit to ensuring that the highest standards of diversity, equity and inclusions are upheld by our staff, consultants, interns, volunteers, clients, and service providers. As we are, at times, in contact with people in vulnerable situations, we are adamant about protecting physical and psychological safety. Because we work as ombudspersons, safeguarding focal points, investigators, and diversity, equity and inclusion trainers, this policy serves to ensure that we uphold and model the principles, policies, and practices that we serve to protect and grow.

Zero tolerance

We do not tolerate any form of fraud or corruption of or by our staff, consultants, interns, or volunteers. We staunchly uphold our duty of care. We also do not tolerate complaints that are made with malicious intent, nor do we tolerate retaliation against anyone who files a complaint in good faith.

What we value

We value trust, courage, safety, and rigour. We care for the people for whom and with whom we work. We build and maintain psychological safety and trust in the ways that we work, listen, and communicate, including during moments of crisis or in the face of any difficult issues.

We learn

This policy will evolve over time, and learnings from our own experience and that of others, will continuously feed into our ethics framework (including our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy, Safeguarding Policy, and Code of Conduct and Ethics).

Aim of this policy

As consultants, ombudspersons, trainers, safeguarding reference persons, and investigators, Hi5 Safe Spaces holds itself true to the values and practices of diversity, equity and inclusion. This means that we champion diversity and practise inclusion. We are also humble about the learning journey that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion demands that we remain on and we commit to introspection and openness to feedback about any behaviours that may not embody these principles. With this in mind, we aim to merit and maintain the trust and psychological safety of those who engage with us, to serve to protect the human rights of all. This policy is one tool by which our ongoing efforts to explore, practise, and promote inclusion are cultivated.


Policy scope, definitions, concrete examples

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are values and practices that we consider vital to Hi5 Safe Spaces and any work environment. This policy covers staff/consultant/intern/volunteer interactions, staff/consultant/intern/volunteer to client interactions and vice versa, staff/consultant/intern/volunteer to service provider interactions and vice versa, and also covers any interactions we may have through our projects, trainings, and mandates.

This policy aims to ensure that interactions with Hi5 Safe Spaces embody an environment of inclusion and trust, irrespective of people’s backgrounds, identities, or differences. It aims to ensure that Hi5 Safe Spaces is free from discrimination.

Key definitions

Diversity refers to the characteristics and identities that make us all different. This comprises demographic differences, such as ethnicity, racial identity, nationality, religion, gender, sex, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status, language, mental or physical disability and neurodiversity. It also comprises more personal differences such as lifestyles, life experiences, political views, personality characteristics, family composition, or education. Diversity is a fact. Its deeper meaning is ‘difference’.

Equity refers to the fair and just treatment of all people based on needs. As a process in itself, equity can be practised by removing barriers to opportunity and advancement, by ensuring that structures and processes are impartial, fair, and enable equal possible outcomes. Its deeper meaning is ‘fairness’.   

Inclusion refers to the active engagement and acknowledging the value of the contributions and participation of everyone in the work environment, ensuring that everyone feels that they belong to the organization/project/training and can express themselves (to contribute with a new idea, raise an issue, or make a mistake) in a psychologically safe environment and without fear of reprisal, notably based on aspects of that person’s identity. Inclusion capitalizes upon each person’s unique and individual strengths to increase productivity, problem-solving capacity, innovation, and performance. It enhances workplace climate. Inclusion is an act. Its deeper meaning is ‘giving voice’ or ‘belonging’.

Discrimination refers to any direct or indirect unjust or prejudicial treatment of anyone due to an aspect of their diversity. Hi5 Safe Spaces does not tolerate any form of discrimination. 

Examples of discrimination

The following comprises a few examples of conscious or unconscious discrimination:

  • unequal remuneration based on identity characteristics (e.g. paying men more than women for the same work and same qualifications)
  • making racist remarks also in the form of jokes
  • transphobic or homophobic remarks even if not directly towards a particular person
  • harassing someone who tries to combat discrimination, through discriminatory remarks about that person
  • giving more speech time in meetings to or hiring one particular type of person, who generally resembles yourself
  • making derogatory remarks about someone’s origins
  • any form of favouratism towards people who resemble your identities to the detriment of others who do not.

Workplace disagreements or giving constructive feedback are not considered discrimination.

Examples of inclusive behaviours and attitudes

Through our own diversity, equity and inclusion work with organizations, and through our own work as an organization, Hi5 Safe Spaces staff, consultants, interns, and volunteers strive to:

  • foster understanding and awareness of DEI in all our mandates, even those not related to DEI
  • constantly seek to improve ourselves and human beings, by working on our judgements, prejudices, and biases (acknowledging biases, challenging ourselves about the biases, and training regularly)
  • seek to understand perspectives of people with different identities to our own
  • conduct all our mandates in an inclusive manner
  • have the courage to be responsible and active bystanders whenever we witness, directly or indirectly, any discriminatory behaviours
  • embody the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion through behaviours and speech, which are respectful of difference and free of any form of implicit or explicit discrimination
  • proactively ask for and provide respectful feedback on areas of improvement for diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • cultivating a spirit of allyship with any person or group that may be disadvantaged
  • create and maintain an environment in which difference is championed.

Zero tolerance for discrimination

Discrimination is considered serious misconduct and is not tolerated by Hi5 Safe Spaces. If verified, discrimination will lead to sanctions, including contract termination.

We encourage prevention and reporting


Hi5 Safe Spaces provides annual ethics framework training sessions to staff, consultants, interns, and volunteers, including for diversity and inclusion, and safeguarding. Our service providers are invited to participate, and collaborating organizations are asked to participate should they not have an equivalent framework within their own respective organization.

We conduct reference checks on our staff, consultants, interns, and volunteers.


Any form of discrimination by Hi5 Safe Spaces staff, consultants, interns, or volunteers can and should be reported safely to ethics(at)humanimpact5.ch

At the time of this policy writing, the above email is solely managed by the company administrator, Gabrielle Landry Chappuis, who is trained in safeguarding, person of trust, and safeguarding investigations. Should reporting to the company administrator not be possible for any reason, the following email can be used: ethics(at)higovernance.ch, which will be sent to Eric Maeder, ethics specialist: eric.maeder(at)ethico.ch. Should an investigation be warranted, Hi5 Safe Spaces will mandate an external, independent investigator.

This policy is part of the Hi5 Safe Spaces Ethics Framework and is signed by all Hi5 Safe Spaces staff, consultants, interns, and volunteers.

2nd Edition

Approved by HumanImpact5 – HI5 LLC Administrator
18 January 2023